How does this site work?

This site is designed to help make it easier for new and existing customers to earn rewards. Visit this page for more information about the rewards you can get. The site matches up existing customers with new customers who are looking for referrals. Existing customers submit their information on the site, and that information is saved for later use. When a new customer requests a referral, the system automatically sends an email with the information of the new customer to an existing customer. In the interest of fairness, the system goes through the list of enrolled existing customers and picks the next one off the list. When it reaches the bottom of the list, it goes back up to the top and starts over. The existing customer enters the information on the referral site, then confirms their submission by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. 24 hours after the referral is submitted, the existing customer is notified via email that they can go ahead and activate their new account and port their number over. When the account is active, they can then visit the referral site and enter the necessary information to confirm the referral. Please see the carrier's terms and conditions for more information on how and when the reward is given to both customers.

Why do you do with my information?

We need to be able to get the information to the right people. Nothing that's collected is particularly sensitive information. If you don't feel comfortable giving the information requested, please find another way to participate in the referral program. Your information will never be sold or given to anyone other than participants of this site that the system pairs you up with, and care is taken to protect the data as much as possible.

What if I switch to a different carrier, or I just don't want to give referrals anymore?

All you have to do is let us know, and we'll remove your information. Once we do that, you will not receive any further emails. If you change your mind again later, you will need to sign up again.


Thanks to Redditor /u/SMofJesus for the inspiration.